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About Giggling Day Care Centre

Alekdit Pty Ltd trading as Giggling Day Care Centre is a home-based, private and for profit organisation child care support service which places the well being of the child as paramount.

Alekdit Pty Ltd is a registered company under the corporations Act 2001 and is taken to be registered in South Australia. The company is a proprietary company limited by shares and the day of commencement of registration is the fourth day of November 2013. Australian Company Number 166 600 773. Alekdit Pty Ltd trading as Giggling Day Care Centre ABN 45 166 600 773.

Core Values

  • Differences will be valued;
  • Promoting access and equality for all;
  • Communicating openly and honestly;
  • Striving for excellence;
  • Promoting collaborative relationships;
  • To be focused on positive outcomes.

Giggling Day Care Centre is part of the National Quality Framework and strictly adheres to national and state licenses and standards.

Mission Statement

We enormously engage, support, resource and inspire Educators to work in collaboration with families ensuring each child reaches their full potential.

In meeting our vision the service will act in a professional and respectful manner, valuing partnerships and diversity.


Alekdit Pty Ltd trading as Giggling Day Care Centre provides excellent family day care where every child will have a bright and significant future.


Code of Conduct

The “Code of Conduct” is the way in which all persons working within Alekdit Pty Ltd trading as Giggling Day Care Centre manage themselves, their service and the overall services. The protection and wellbeing of children is seen as paramount within the Family Day Care Service.


The Alekdit Pty Ltd trading as Giggling Day Care Centre Service strives to provide excellent home based education and care environments, where children will be assisted to grow and become confident and socially competent members of our community.

Our service believes that by working in partnership with educators and providing them with quality support and training, we will provide an environment where every child in our care can achieve their full potential. We encourage this environment to meet the individual needs and interests of each child and welcome input from families as we form collaborative partnerships with parents and honour their role as the child’s first and primary educators.

We provide this care in the knowledge that children need to be safe, to feel safe and to have consistent access to significant carers where attachments are made and trust is built. A place where every opportunity is taken to nurture, encourage and enhance their learning within the atmosphere of small groups in the natural environment of a home. In achieving this we embrace and promote the National Quality Framework including the early years and school age frameworks and the research and theories that underpin the outcomes they seek for children.

Our Promise

Giggling Day Care Centre staff and Educators shall, at all times:

  • Promote the health and wellbeing of children;
  • Act in the best interests of all children at all times;
  • Respect the rights of Educators, children and families, ensuring all interactions are fair and lawful;
  • Treat each child with respect and courtesy, valuing them as individuals;
  • Recognise and respect that parents are the primary carers for their children and acknowledge individual family strengths, supporting the parents’ role;
  • Encourage positive relationships by developing strong partnerships based on honesty, integrity, trust and respect;
  • Recognise the positive personal and professional strengths individuals bring to the Service;
  • Share resources, experiences and knowledge with colleagues;
  • Promote democracy in relation to decision making;
  • Promote an environment where staff and Educators are encouraged to explore different opportunities for themselves and children in care through further education;
  • Ensure that inclusivity is encouraged when children from diverse backgrounds and abilities are in care;
  • Abide by all Service policies and procedures.

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A:  Level 2 6/22 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA 5000
T:  (08) 7073 1779
M: 0401 461 354 (After Hours)
E:  info@gigglingdaycare.com.au


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The  Education Standards Board of South Australia is the regulatory body that controls the child care  industry in South Australia.

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